Not A Novel – Yet, or, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”

jerzy Kosinski Being There Peter Sellers

The content on this web page is not to be reused or reprinted without permission of the writer. (Unless it’s a copy of a book cover that was borrowed from a friend’s MySpace profile.)

As I contemplate the writing of another poem and another short story, and questions for local and tourning bands to complete my next music features, I wonder if I will ever get past three chapters written on a novel tentatively titled Beneath The Underground. It’s not a very ambitious second novel. For the story about my first novel, you’ll need to read my personal online account, which means becoming a LiveJournal friend of mine. I’ve met most of these friends in person, so you’ll need to arrange a meeting with me. If you feel this is too difficult a task to accomplish in order to get the story about this first, overly ambitious and unremarkable work of a teenager, then that’s cool with me.

I don’t aspire to write a novel worthy of the accolades of some of my favorite authors. Listing the sources of my inpsiration would take 30 daily blogs, with a description of what makes each author unique. But I’m not too ungracious enough to drop names of my past, present (and future?) inspirations: Eudora Welty, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Toni Morrison, John Kennedy Toole, Joyce Carol Oates, Janet Frame, Barbara Kinsolver, Octavia E. Butler, and Maya Angelou (who I met as a teenager, and who still serves as one of my greatest sources of inspiration as a poet and author). The words of these authors lives as a reminder that we can confront the corruptive powers that be with wit, wisdom, and creativity, and inspire positive, peaceful change as a result. Or at least call for a revolution.

Sometimes reading (or writing) a book can be a revolutionary act.


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