Let them eat cake! (and “Another Case of Writer’s Block”)

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It’s been a while. I loved this blog, so I’m not sure why I abandoned it. But the gardener is back to cut away the weeds and start planting. Now is my time to be fruitful I suppose.

The following is all about my writing and eating disorder, a poem I was too embarrassed to submit to H&H. My excuse was it was too autobiographical and not “experimental” enough. And I felt naked, talking about my personal battles. Two years later, and still I struggle… Ah, well, here it is:

another case of writer’s block (July 2006)

everything has been written before

so i’ve given up poetry for good.

now I can write that dessert menu –

the world needs more pies and pastries,

not “clever” ways to express joy & pain-

the hot and cold of the human condition.

give me a homemade carrot cake,

not another awful love poem-

sweetened with insincere artifice.

let me dream of dark chocolate truffles

while malaise covers me like a blanket,

because it’s comforting food to me now-

and you can’t eat words.


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