Oh, no! It’s another post about “Sense”…

Entre les Trous de la Memoire by Dominique Appia.

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If you’re new to this blog, “Sense” is the working title of a collection of poetry I’m working on, which may be published posthumously if I don’t get it all together in this lifetime. It’s about relating to a work of art you might not consciously relate to, but subconsciously (and intimately) you relate to it so much that it conjures fragments of childhood memories and dreams. I’m digging this one up from two years ago after recently experiencing powerful dreams and memories involving my family. The personal becomes poetic.

From Chapter 3: The Uncanny Powers of Observation

a clockwise memory of home

an aged white ceiling above me

is held upright by the constancy

of beige stucco and wood gravity-

and the inertia of built-in bookcases.

the boat called yesterday docks

on the hardwood floor today and

i watch the waves come ashore

and hope the books aren’t ruined,

but then something happens –

a fire consumes the pages

on the brown planked beach

where two girls once played.

white waterfall peaks distract me

as i clutch my composition book

and stare at the great wide open

with envy of the hot air balloon…

one day there will be a memory

of an innocent abroad sailing

on a ship across The Atlantic

to study classical and abstract art.

she’ll find the meaning of a mirror

with a reflection of blue sky,

and a tiny photograph wedged

in the gilded frame of time.

a mirror rests above the mantle

of a fustian red marble fireplace

that radiates from the flames

of remembered dreams…

© 2006 Renée Valmont, a.k.a. Danna Williams


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