About A Writer

You’re welcome to read some of my published and unpublished short fiction and poetry on this site. I contribute to entertainment and music magazines, blogs, and a couple of online creative writing publications as a House Writer – Haggard & Halloo – under the moniker DIY Danna, and as writer/editor/publisher Danna Williams for Lipstick Pages. Some of my poems, short stories, and a children’s story may be available in print soon under a pseudonym, Renée Valmont (in memory of my maternal grandmother). I also have a writer’s advice blog for freelance journalists, poets, and authors with a similar (tentative) title “A Surreal Estate Agent’s Life”. I dare to call myself an independent music journalist, poet, and author with advice and support to give to other writers. And I dare you to read that blog now.


2 thoughts on “About A Writer

  1. Wow..You’ve got a lot of determination, quite pigheaded:-) I really wish you to have the best:-)
    Good luck!


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