!rorriM eht ni dekaN / Naked in the Mirror!

from The Full Body Project by Leonard Nimoy

from The Full Body Project: Photographs by Leonard Nimoy

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The fat woman stares at me – glares at me –
with eyes and folds of fleshy flesh.
Oh, the horror! Oh, the humanity!
She’s not a stately Rubenesque model –
she’s an “indecent” Polaroid android,
posing full frontal for the hustler and
the square staring at the stark, bountiful vision,
reflected in a painted looking glass.
Both women aren’t disgusted by what they see?!
Oh, the horror. Oh, the humanity.

“Naked in the Mirror!” © 2009 by Danna Williams, submitted to Lipstick Pages as a poem by Renée Valmont.

A Work of Fiction in Progress: The Anti-Gravity House


The content on this web page is not to be reused or reprinted without permission of the author.

Originally titled “The Anti-Gravity Room”, until I learned it was the name of a Canadian television series that aired on the U.S. Sci-Fi channel, The Anti-Gravity House is a work in progress I decided to post as a return to prose and fiction. This work is so new, I’m posting parts of the narrative as they are deemed completed by self-editing. Maybe I’ll change the title back to the original if the TV series isn’t being televised somewhere. I’m not sure where this particular work is going (prose, short story, novella, novel?), but after a series of good, bad and indescribable experiences in life and dreams, I was inspired to write this work. The following is a teaser, and I don’t expect kindness in your criticisms, but constructive comments without scathing judgments in stone are always welcome.

The Anti-Gravity House

by Danna Marrón Williams

Start of Chapter /Part 1: Quintessence, or Before Things Fell Apart


That’s how I described the feeling to Joshua after graduation, and five years of weights – nothing was holding me down now.

Before we broke up, Josh was studying for the LSAT, and seemed to have the weight of the world on his shoulders. The pregnancy scare had been a wake-up call to my boyfriend “getting his act together”, although he was never someone I would ever see as a slacker. Although at the moment, he was in nothing but a tank top and boxers at the kitchen table, looking like the poster boy for no ambition. The contradiction to his careless appearance: he had every test prep book I’d ever heard of sitting on the table, and a stack of practice test papers.

“How do you know everything’s going to be OK? You might not get your dream job, or a decent job in this economy.” Josh rubbed his dark, curly locks that flopped over his temples, ears.

“I don’t know. I just know I’ve got me. And you–us. We can make it.” Walking across the kitchen floor, I gave him a hug from behind then rubbed the same soft hair and temples, attempting to soothe his mind by a simple, loving touch.

[More soon]

The Anti-Gravity House © 2009 by Danna Williams for Lipstick Pages

Pending Review: “Lovedoll Desperation”

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Desperate Teenage Lovedolls (1984)

Desperate Teenage Lovedolls (1984)

Lovedoll Desperation

Back to back denials of eating flesh
confound love for the young plastic lovedoll.
It comes to life-a civilized cannibal with a camera-
eating raw emotions, spooning heart and liver
to a rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack pumping hormones
and teenage sex through speakers in our heads.
“Lovedoll’s so punk, it doesn’t even know it,”
never escapes lips frozen in a frame like words-
pinned under glass for human display
in a museum curated by monarch butterflies.

Addendum: The above free verse pending review for publication (since October 21) is in no way associated with the last post. The title and first two lines are completely coincidental. But coincidence is cool sometimes, isn’t it?

LastFM\”Ballad of a Lovedoll\” by Redd Kross (Desperate Teenage Lovedoll OST+)