“So You Want To Be A Writer”

A page for writers seeking publication. July 2008 opportunities are posted below.

As a writer still honing her natural talent and skills, and harnessing her imaginative powers, voice, and self-discipline, I know the odds are against me becoming a world-famous author and poet. However, in about 10 years I am determined to quit (or retire early) from my day job and become a full-time author (or an editor, or both). The following article encourages me to achieve this long-term goal – yet to be content with not being a bestseller or the next Pulitzer Prize winner:


Sometimes being a writer isn’t about mass appeal. I’m still waiting on one friend to comment on my latest short story in progress. Too many times I wonder, does anyone read what I write? And who really cares? This hilariously cynical clipping gives us a laundry list of why writing can be a discouraging profession:

Stolen from another shameless thief’s blog, “Why not be a writer?” .

July 2008 Addendum: You must have a sense of humor and a thick skin about being a serious [published] writer, and from the one comment I received, I suppose someone has neither – or maybe he was having a bad day. If you’re serious about being a published writer you must also seize opportunities to write, no matter what, and find a job or project that interests you as a freelance or staff writer. A year ago I promised links to writing opportunities, and here are some, from Craig’s List (Austin, TX).

Writing Opportunities – July ’08 (Austin’s Craigslist)

Medical & Health Writer (PT) $

Research/Writing (Project-Some Travel) $$$

Blog Writer: Freight/Transportation $$

Writer – Sports/NFL

Marketing Writer – Stratfor

$ sign indicates some pay. The more “$”, the better the pay. No “$” indicates no pay, experience/resume builder, or possible opportunity upon expansion. Please read disclaimers and posts on austin.craigslist.org carefully before submitting information.

Come back soon for monthly announcements and links.

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