!rorriM eht ni dekaN / Naked in the Mirror!

from The Full Body Project by Leonard Nimoy

from The Full Body Project: Photographs by Leonard Nimoy

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The fat woman stares at me – glares at me –
with eyes and folds of fleshy flesh.
Oh, the horror! Oh, the humanity!
She’s not a stately Rubenesque model –
she’s an “indecent” Polaroid android,
posing full frontal for the hustler and
the square staring at the stark, bountiful vision,
reflected in a painted looking glass.
Both women aren’t disgusted by what they see?!
Oh, the horror. Oh, the humanity.

“Naked in the Mirror!” © 2009 by Danna Williams, submitted to Lipstick Pages as a poem by Renée Valmont.